Friday, February 23, 2007

Flying saucer houses in Taiwan

Desolation row

Desolation row

Photographed by CantikFoto

In Green Bay, Taipei County, there are some abandoned houses. Because of their outlook, the name 'flying saucer houses' are known for many people in that area.

Based on Echo-Maan , who lived in that area decades ago, the houses were built by Tian-Gong Industry Co. for resorts or vacation houses around 30 years ago. When it was still famous, YAMAHA would hold rock music festival there for the whole summer there.

Riverbank518 said, 'they look like Plug-in city built by Archigram in UK or modern buildings built by Metabolism in Japan.'

However, Echo-Maan said, 'they were not finished, and no one knows who designed them. Although the view is attractive, the wind is strong and the buildings could not provide enough protection for the residents. At last, the houses are abandoned.

Although they are abandoned, and some local people hope it can be removed, some people from other countries love these houses because of the imagination. Like what Riverbank518 said, they are 'abandoned by aliens.'

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