Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Taiwan: Is there a blind spot in blogsphere?--Blogblind

2007/11/20, an experimental website was born in Taiwan: 'Blogblind' (closed now, in two days). The main concept is pushing (similar to 'digg it' in 'Digg') the blogs people do not like (instead of pushing the website we appreciate) and tagging them with comments like 'copy machine' or 'boast.' When most people leave flattering comments in the blogs (or maybe the 'bad' comments are deleted by the owners of the blogs), many people consider this new website is a pertinent way for the bloggers to make a self-examination.


這個網站實在是太歡樂,太搞笑了呀。 過去有照亮黑暗部落格的明燈,他只有一個人在評論,現在有了Blogblind,可說是集眾人之力,似乎可發揮效益更大的產物 。


自己是認為,這樣的網站可以讓台灣的部落格有一番新話題,讓過去一些為人詬病的現象,在這個殿堂裡獲得公開討論,又不傷大雅的機會 。

yblog said,

This website is so funny and so kuso. In the past days, 'the light lightening the black blogphere' is the only one making comments. Now with Blogblind, get together and we may achieve more beneficial outcomes.

By different tags, the characters of the blogs formed in our minds are surfacing.

I think this website can generate a new subject in Taiwan's blogsphere that we can talk about. The phenomenons people have complained about can be discussed in a public space without hurting anyone.

However, how do the bloggers whose blogs were listed on the website and tagged with abusive language feel?

Dear John說:

因為是匿名發表評論,才過一天而已,在站上已經累積了為數不少的不堪的人身攻擊和沒有根據的謾罵。 完全沒有想過這些被罵的部落客心中有何感受? 在此,呼籲此站應該立刻關站,並且張貼對所有被罵的部落格的道歉啟示。大家也不應該再用笑鬧的態度來看待此事

Dear John said,

Because people can make comments anonymously, there are a lot of abusive comments without evidence. Did they ever think about how the blamed bloggers feel? Here I appeal that this website should close immediately and post an apology for the blamed blogs, and all of us should not take this lightly any more.


對於BBS上的鄉民來說,反正有文必推、有熱鬧必湊、有人打架我就在旁邊吶喊。但在這種鄉民現象中眾鄉民的「推」文 (抑或噓文?),大家可否曾想過一件事情?這一股股的推(噓)浪潮中,帶有著多少部落客的惡意毀謗與攻訐?

Aug9 said,

To the 'mob' on BBS, if there is an article, the mob will push it; if there is a crowd, the mob will join them; if there is people fighting, the mob will yell. However, when the mob push (or boo) an article, have we thought about how much bad intention, slander, and cheap shot coming along with the pushing (or booing)?

Although many people consider that this website was overplayed, some people still hope it can reopen one day.






yblog said,

To me, if Blogblind can solve these two problems, it is possible to be reopened:

The first is the spam robot program, and the second is the anonymous tagging with bad intention.

I think the people who want to tag must log on, and everyone can see who leaves which tag. If there is lawsuit in the future, at least we can see whose account is that.

In addition to the technical issues, maybe we need to learn more about social psychology: why people do not care to hurt others when we do not see the victims or when we think we are not the first one to stab at the victims. It is always not easy to find a pertinent way to criticize others.